Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My latest YS click2 Links.

Aktiviti Baru saya di saat berpuasa

Join OSK Investment Challenge Campus Edition. 3 more days to start. Cara dia dengan trading stocks market Bursa Malaysia. kira mcm main saham, tapi juz guna demo account. X yh modal yg betol pon. 1st prize dia RM25K, 2nd RM10K 3rd. 5k.. lg pon amir mmg dh biasa trading currencies b4 this. so skrng nk try stocks plk. hehe! ++ Universiti akan dpt hadia special rm100,000.00 untuk yg plg hebat. ChaiyOK UNiten!! Jom jOin OSKIC!

Jgn lupa click gmbar2 dibawah ni ;)

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