Sunday, June 13, 2010

Writing Problem

Since the technology of IT, or internet been used by people.., there's a lot of thing we can do.. In the early beginning, people use the machine that we called it a computer as a tools to help them in work, or make a calculation, maybe thats why they call it compute er,..

But then, this human behavior start to evolved fast.. they start to get fun with it since this machine can compute easily.. They start to play some games in this machine while they are working.. untill microsoft get bigger and bigger organisation, then from black and white to the colour screen. now i missed the old black and white alley cats game..

But now, theres lot more we can do with the computers, drawing, watching movies, and the very most thing people do is to communicate. It seems like they forgot about games already, some are very obsess with it. MIRC, Myspace, Friendster.. Chit chat.. this thing seems more more fun than games..

Later, people get bored with it too.. they start to play games again while they are chatting and commenting their friends page at FB or Facebook...

Nowadays, facebook became no.1 for communication.. But what I want to tell here is about blogging.. not about facebook.. Here is the problem.. I dont know how people spend their time by writing about their life in the blog.. Human get evolved quickly.. Or is it because they are too bored? For me.. for doing this, I got to be as bored as maximum i could.. If not, I will do anything else other than writing in the blog.. untill maybe one day, I will get obssess with it.. but its taking me a long time to get obsses than usual. or maybe I dont have skills? or maybe I am not born for writing blog?

So how do you think about my writing? Not bad i think.. hehehe..

Thank u for spending time for reading. Untill next timewe'll meet again.. tata ;-)

(Leave some comments pls.. )

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